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Date: 12th May 2016
Titanium Ball Valve Core
1. product?brief?introductionTitanium ball valve core also called titanium ball valve ball,Website:, main application is using its move to realize pressure control or flow control, using titanium alloy to instead stainless steel is to use its higher strength and better corrosion resistance performance.Processing technic: grinding (mirror finish), lathe polishing.2. The product specification90? thru hole, 180? thru hole.external diameter: 10mm-1.5m.3. The materialTA1(Grade 1), TA2(Grade 2), TA9(Grade 7), TA10(Grade 12).4. Performance and properties of the standardReference standard of Chemical composition?GradeAlVN.maxC.maxH.maxFe.maxO.maxResiduals(ea) ? maxResiduals(total) ? maxGr10.030.080.0150. standard of mechanical property?Graderoom-temperature mechanical ? properties, not less thanYield ? strengthUltimate ? StrengthElongation ? in 50 mm, A5Reduction ? in AreaGrade1170 MPa240 MPa25%30%Grade2275 MPa345 MPa20%30%Grade5825 MPa895 MPa10%20%5. Our advantagesa. More 10 years experience, we are the factory. b. Factory direct sales with competitive price. c. Sophisticated technology, excellent quality.?