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Date: 12th May 2016
Titanium Bar And Rod
1. product?brief?introductionOur titanium bar include two kinds: pure titanium bar and titanium alloy bar,Website:, it?s mainly used in processing titanium screws and mechanical parts/standard parts, medical equipment(body implants), titanium target block and so on.2. The product specificationDia2mm-300mmCoating target block dia 100mm*40/45mm or dia 60mm*35/40mm100mm/200mm extrusion tubeThe above are commonly used specifications, specific specifications can also be customized according to customer request.3. The materialTA1?Grade 1??TA2?Grade 2?TA9?Grade 7??TA10?Grade 12??TA18TC4?Grade 5??TC6?TC11?4. Performance standardsChemical composition meet the ASTM_B_348-2010 standard and other standard you required.5. Properties of the standardReference standard of Chemical compositionGradeAlVN.maxC.maxH.maxFe.maxO.maxResiduals(ea) maxResiduals(total) maxGr10.030.080.0150. standard of mechanical propertyGraderoom-temperature ? mechanical properties, not less thanYield strengthUltimate StrengthElongation in 50 mm, A5Reduction in AreaGrade1170 MPa240 MPa25%30%Grade2275 MPa345 ? MPa20%30%Grade5825 ? MPa895 ? MPa10%20%Titanium bar diameter deviation should be allowed to meetDiameter or thickness of sectiondeviation allowed?athe polishing?polishing?bar?Cold rolled or cold drawn rod?>7~15?0.3>15~25?0.4>25~40?0.5>40~60?0.6>60~90?0.8>90~120?1.2>120~160?1.8>160~200?2.0>200~230?2.5?6. Our advantagesa. More 10 years experience, we are the factory. b. Factory direct sales with competitive price. c. Sophisticated technology, excellent quality.?