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Date: 12th May 2016
Titanium Sponge
1. product?brief?introductionTitanium sponge is sponginess metal which produced by thermal reduction process. Purity is commonly 99.1% ~ 99.7%. total impurity elements is 0.3% ~ 0.9%,Website:, oxygen impurity elements is 0.06% ~ 0.20%, the hardness (HB) is 100 ~ 157, according to different purity, it can be divided into WHTiO to MHTi4 these five grades. It?s the main raw material for making industrial titanium alloy. Titanium sponge production is the basis link of the titanium industry, it is raw materials of titanium, titanium powder, and other titanium components. Make the ilmenite into titanium tetrachloride, and put them in sealed stainless steel tank, filling with argon gas, to make them react with magnesium, then we get "titanium sponge. This kind of porous titanium sponge can?t be directly use, we must put them in the electric furnace melting into liquid to cast titanium ingots.2. The product specificationTitanium sponge product particle size is.83 mm~5.4 mm;Light grey sponge meta, surface cleaning, no visual inclusions.3. The materialTA1(Gr1) and TA2(Gr2) are the most commonly used, customer have other material requirements can be satisfied.4. The chemical components and Brinell hardnessProduct gradeProduct namechemical components(mass?fraction)Brinell hardnessHBW10/1500/30Not more thanTi not less thanImpurity not more thanFeSiClCNOMnMgH0AMHT-9599. Our advantagesa. More 10 years experience, we are the factory. b. Factory direct sales with competitive price. c. Sophisticated technology, excellent quality.????