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Date: 13th May 2016
Titanium Tube
1. product?brief?introduction???? Our titanium pipe includes tube blank and the production tube. According to the material,Website:, it can be divided into pure titanium pipe and titanium alloy pipe. According to the machining process, it can be divided into seamless tube, and welded tube. Tube billet is hot extrusion tube, as the raw materials for production of the finished tube, also can be used in the production of vacuum coating tube target (pure titanium). Pure titanium pipe can be used in the production of titanium coil pipe, such as heat transfer pipe, heating pipe and condenser pipe in heat exchanger. The most commonly used alloy pipe is TC4 tube, strength is higher than the pure titanium, more resistant to corrosion, mainly used in oilfield and ships, also used in the production of various kinds of machining parts. When you need higher strength, can use TC11 to replace TC4. TA18 (3Al-2.5-V) (good corrosion resistance and high strength) is often used to machining titanium alloy bicycle frame; Welded pipe is generally used in power plant water treatment equipment and desalination systems.2. The product specificationTube blank: 89*6mm, 70*7mm, 45*3mm?Production tube: (70-89)*6mm, (40-70)*7mm, (20-45)*3mm?The above are commonly used specifications, specific specifications can also be customized according to customer request.3. The materialTA1?Grade 1??TA2?Grade 2?TA9?Grade 7??TA10?Grade 12??TA18TC4?Grade 5??TC6?TC11?4. Performance standardsChemical composition meet the ASTM_B_338-2010 standard and other standard you required.5. Standard of propertiesReference standard of Chemical compositionGradeAlVN.maxC.maxH.maxFe.maxO.maxResiduals(ea) maxResiduals(total) maxGr10.030.080.0150. standard of mechanical propertyGraderoom-temperature mechanical properties, not less thanYield strengthUltimate StrengthElongation in 50 mm, A5Reduction in AreaGrade1170 MPa240 MPa25%30%Grade2275 MPa345 ? MPa20%30%Grade5825 ? MPa895 ? MPa10%20%Pipe size deviationPipe diameter and wall thickness deviation should be allowed to meet,ODPermissible Variations in ODWall thickness allowable deviation6~25?0.10?10%>25~38?0.13>38~50?0.15>50~60?0.18>60~80?0.25The tube bendingOD/mmbending /(mm/m), not more than?302>30~8036. Our advantagesa. More 10 years experience, we are the factory. b. Factory direct sales with competitive price. c. Sophisticated technology, excellent quality.?